About This Blog

This blog is an answer to the question of how could I share some of the creative work I've done running various RPGs over the past thirty years without opening up every single wiki/blog/Roll20/evernote/webpage/ObsidianPortal I've ever worked on to the public at large?

What you find here is my effort to create a portfolio of sorts by re-purposing pieces of prior campaigns. A way to let people see into the games I love to run in some of the universes I love creating. I'll link or embed material I've posted elsewhere: maps, journal entries, world backgrounds, short campaign summaries, etc... so that if people see something here they think is interesting, I could respond to a request to run it again (or run something entirely new in a similar vein).

I'll also try to add some commentary about what game systems were used for each setting, as I think there were some really interesting choices made (not all of them correct) and I'd be willing to try some of my campaigns again using different game systems.

In addition, I intend to post about new, unplayed/untested, campaign ideas to see if they might be of interest to anyone in the city I now live with the hope of creating an entirely new gaming group.

A great deal of the work here was created collaboratively and proper credit to my fantastic players will be properly given. I may in fact invite some of them to contribute - but so many of them are busy parents and professionals.

Comments will be open to the public, and, as long as they aren't spammy ads, completely welcome.